The COMN ORB-1 (Orbital Relay Bot) micro satellites form a space-based communications constellation utilizing advanced optical connectivity, embedded edge compute, blockchain and orchestration technologies to provide the highest levels of speed, reliability, interoperability and security across the interplanetary IoT.

Designed by COMN Technologies the ORB-1 is built at our facilities in the United States.

Key Features
  • Multispectral communications
  • High-Density form factor
  • Edge processing for super low latency.
  • Interoperability using W3C and 3GPP standards for space communications
  • Optical networking
  • Quantum networking
  • Hyper virtualized high-core-count allows for infinite scalability and easy upgradability.
  • COMN iD protocol for Security and Interoperability.
  • Advanced non-mechanical beam steering.
  • Advanced ECC for disruption tolerant networking.  (DTN).

COMN ORB-1 (Orbital Relay Bot)

Orbiting aggregation point for mission critical communications between space-based IoT. A constellation of ORB-1’s provide communication throughout deep space with integrated Delay Tolerant Networking.